I was a Victorian painting contractor in San Francisco after college in the early '70s. During the last three years of contracting, I found that developing an attractive color scheme was the most interesting part of my business. Then, after a year cruise sailing around the world with , I retired from contracting. Starting with Victorian and other historic homes, I designed color schemes for the painters to follow. Soon signs proclaiming "Bob Buckter Color Consultant" were seen all over San Francisco.

I expanded the business in the early 80's to include modern residential and commercial/ industrial buildings. Today, about 40% of business is commercial/ industrial, about 30% is modern residential (including many homeowners associations), 20% is historic, and 10% is interior-usually done in conjunction with exterior work. I produce about 500 jobs each year. I have regular clients who are property management groups who call me in frequently. Many are individuals who own a few buildings and call me in whenever they paint one, and many are new clients who have heard of my work from others.
My procedure is to meet with ALL principal decision makers at the job site to discuss colors and arrive at a mutual decision for the color palette. I will take photographs of the building. You will then receive a detailed specification sheet consisting of color formulas, paint brands, and specific placements. Your photos will be clearly marked for placement with a simple paint by number system for the painters to follow. Painted color swatches will be enclosed to verify the color. Sometimes, I work from architectural elevations. Colored renderings and color boards can be provided upon request.

Many of my designs have received local and national awards. Other than the Pacific Bell Yellow pages, I rarely advertize, and rely on referrals, and the interest generated from magazine articles and my Victorian color designs which are being featured in the books by Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen. Local references for historic, residential, and commercial-industrial clients, and a brochure are available.
I am a second generation San Francisco native (Sunset District, Washington High 64, San Francisco State 69). My office overlooking Dolores Park on 20th Street in San Francisco has been my workplace since 1978. In 1989 I married Karen and lived with her in Mill Valley until 2007, when we divorced. I have one natural son, named Bobby. He was born in 1991 and is presently doing well at Cabrillo College, Aptos CA. My stepdaughter Rayna lives with her husband, Hunter and their baby boy, Ocean. They live in Hood River, OR. I now reside at 3877-20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114, and am still working as a Color Consultant. I make 7 trips a year to Costa Rica, where I manage my 1,000 acre rainforest preserve as a conservationist ( I have a relationship with Tina Mora in C. R. She makes trips to see me in S.F.

During winter, we ski as much as we can in Squaw Valley, CA.

I collect classic award winning Mercedes and show them at local Concours, and motor-cycles (47 Indian).

Thank you for taking the time to research me and my business. If you are about to paint your home, or other building, think about the advantage of using my services.