Over the years I have had many requests for color design by mail. E-Mail me your name and address and I will mail you my Color-By-Mail form package. When I receive your package back, along with your photos, I will call you to discuss a tentative color scheme, mark up the photos in a simple paint-by-number system, make up a color specification sheet defining names of paints, colors, brands, formulas, sheens, and placements. You will get small color swatches that the painter will be responsible for matching (according to my instructions of the color spec sheet. I will make simple architectural recommendations if and when appropriate.

I have produced over 300 color by mail jobs in over 24 states, some of which have been published or won awards.

Cost of Color-By-Mail Service $500.00

click here to get a printable form for color by mail

NO COST OR OBLIGATION TO SEND YOUR PACKAGE! When I receive your package and review it, I will call you to discuss your preferences. When we reach a general agreement about your design, I will request a check for 50% of my fee. You will be billed for the balance when receive your color design package, in about 10 days. If you prefer, I can send you the package COD, with no prepayment required.