The Process and Fees
Personal Site Visit Commercial and Industrial Interiors
This service is usually limited to the San Francisco bay Area (exceptions have been made).
The Design: A personal visit yields best results, because you get to see many color combinations and interact with me. I show and juxtapose large 8x10 inch cards of the actual colors, and tell where the colors should be placed for maximum enhancement. A good design considers givens, such as; buildings next door and in the area, as well as rooftop composition, sash, glass, tile, rock, and all other materials effecting color.
Includes apartment complexes, Homeowner/Condominium Associations, business parks, concrete tilt-ups, hospitals, churches, etc. Fees are variable depending on how much or how little I do. Please call: (415) 922-7444, or email: for information.
Architectural Renderings are expensive for private residences, but may be offered free when provided by paint suppliers if the job is a big commercial/industrial situation.
I apply a nominal fee to organize this service.
I provide interior color design on every kind of interior. (It is nearly impossible to do by mail because of more variables: available light and givens, such as furniture, fabrics, carpets, drapes, etc.)
Private residence; site visit in Bay Area: $400.00 to $800.00
The Direction Color By Mail Enhancements
For simple designs, I provide color swatches and where to buy the paint-including sheen of paint. "Simple" covers the main body color, major trim color, and minor trim color at a cost of about $400.00 for private residences.
For complex designs, I provide a specifications sheet calling for the names of paint colors, brands, color swatches, and photos marked-up by numbers to give the painter clear directions for color placement. The cost of "complex" designs is usually $800.00 for private residences, more for very large or elaborate homes.
For out of San Francisco Bay Area go to link for a full description of service.

When appropriate, Dr. Color will recommend an awning, added trim, stencil, or graphics appropriate to period or style. Exterior roof, sash, glass, tile, or rock colors are occasionally recommended at owner request. Assistance with interior carpet, tile, countertops, floor, wood or fabrics can be selected if owner brings choices of these materials to the site to be tied in with the paint color design. This service is an nominal addition to the cost.
Wall of Money
This service is very abstract. That is, most interested people can't imagine what they are getting for their money and therefore "chicken out". Do not despair; your property will look great and be more valuable to you.
It will get a higher appraisal value, sell faster for more money, or rent faster. Not to mention how you and everyone else will feel about how great it looks. These are facts that consistently prove their value over and over again.