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Bob Buckter

Hi, I’m Bob Buckter, but they call me as Dr. Color. Since 1970, I’ve been combining my passion for art and architecture to transform buildings across San Francisco and beyond. My specialty? Turning historic homes and diverse properties into vibrant masterpieces. With each project, I strive to add more than just color—I aim to infuse life, value, and a bit of my own joy into every space. Let’s create something beautiful together

Coloring a Brighter

San Francisco

Years in Business

Bob Buckter, known as Dr. Color, celebrates 46 years of transforming over 23,000 buildings with his unique color expertise and visionary artistry.


Dr. Color, with his distinctive palette and expertise, has brightened the spaces of over 15,000 clients in a career spanning four vibrant decades.

Commercial & Residential Projects

Over a storied career, Dr. Color has masterfully completed 23,000 residential and commercial projects, each a testament to his unrivaled color expertise.

Color Consulting Overview

For a comprehensive insight into our Color Consulting services, please visit our Consulting page.

Featured Work

Discover Dr. Color’s Signature Projects: A Showcase of Historic Transformations and Timeless Artistry in Featured Works.

Dr. Color originally selected colors for Richard and Cher Zillman’s project in the early 1980s. Approximately four years ago, Dr. Color revisited the project to update and refresh the color scheme.

Dr. Color completed a color project on Masonic and Waller around 12 years ago, alongside other adjacent properties. Most of these projects were also done by Dr. Color and are collectively referred to as ‘The Four Seasons

The building was originally constructed around 1903, and its top story was added specifically for the 1912 Pan American Exposition, coinciding with the construction of the Palace of Fine Arts.

Dr. Color’s building and office, of which he is the third owner, was constructed in 1908. It was built shortly after the 1906 earthquake, which burned down the entire block on 20th St. However, the San Francisco Fire Department managed to control the fires on the rear street, Liberty St., using the only nearby fire hydrant, now known as ‘the golden fire hydrant’.

I Work With Everyone!


We bring a splash of color to the corporate world. Our commercial clients experience a unique blend of professionalism and creativity in every project.


In the realm of residential projects, Dr Color Consulting personalizes each space to reflect the homeowner’s style and vision. Every home becomes a canvas for livable art

New Construction

For new construction, Dr. Color is at the forefront, infusing modern structures with vibrant colors that resonate with contemporary aesthetics and functionality.


Remodeling with Dr. Color transforms spaces into rejuvenated environments. We ensure that every renovation project is a harmonious blend of the past and present.

Dr. Color aka Bob Buckter made the color choices on my house 3 times over 30 years. We were very pleased each time. He knows color like no other! We just completed painting this last time with Bob's colors. He outdid himself and we couldn't be happier.

Nancy Riffle

Exterior Painting. I chose coral with accent colors. Actually he designed the colors and then my home was on Getty Images. I love Bob and his superior quality work.

janielle nathan

Such a professional, and do prompt! Bob came to our house with color swatches. Within a very short meeting time created the perfect color palette I wanted. He laid out the color template for our painters and the house looks fantastic.

Lorraine Mautner

Had a great experience working with Bob designing the colors for our 120+ yr old Victorian in SF

Mike Lin

Dr Color - Bob Buckter designed the colors for most all of the Victorians in the Haight Ashbury District SF, CA (16 exterior colors on avg/victorian). Fantastic Bob !!

Susan “Suzie” Cunningham

Let’s Build Something Together!

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